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May 27 - June 02
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    Defensive Pistol Level 1

    8:00 AM-5:00 PM

    Classroom, practical and live-fire range training designed to produce gunfighting skills and enhance advancing skills for the experienced shooter. Focuses on close and mid-range engagements, includes combat under stress, combat shooting positions, accurately engaging threat targets while moving, working around barriers and barricades while maintaining cover in dynamic threat environments, standard and non-standard responses in close-quarters engagements, techniques for accurately engaging threats in crowded environments. Also, includes specific drills to keep the firearm and the practitioner in the fight. Each level builds on the previous one, so they must be taken in order. $175.00 – Click here to register

    Level 1 close-range engagements; accurate shooting under stress, basic procedures for clearing malfunctions and reloading under stress; basic principles and drills for rapid and highly accurate and target acquisition; standard and non-standard firing responses.

    Level 2 refresher of previous training and drills; close-range and mid-range engagements, combat shooting positions, dynamic engagements while moving; barricade and obstacle shooting positions.

    Level 3 Refresher of previous training and drills; engagements while searching open areas and buildings; moving targets; weak hand shooting; shooting from and around vehicles.

    PREREQUISITE: CFP or eligible to obtain CFP, previous course, or waiver by SRW, Inc.

    EQUIPMENT: Pistol, spare magazines (at least 3 magazines required), 300 rounds ammunition, hearing protection (muff type, electronic preferred), eye protection (range glasses, wrap around preferred), preferred concealed carry holster and magazine pouch, knee pads, appropriate loose clothing and footwear for range exercises.

    No steel jacket or steel core bullets on the range.

    If you have problems getting ammunition for the course, it will be available on the range, email us for ammo prices.

    All courses are subject to minimum student number requirements and will be canceled one week prior to the course start if minimum numbers are not reached. Please watch the website for cancellation notices or email to verify.